Hoods Heritage Hogs

Red Wattle Hogs pasture raised for all natural pork

Welcome to our farm!

Hoods Heritage hogs is a small family run farm nestled in the beautiful hills of Robertson County in north central Kentucky on Central Ridge Road (KY 1504). We believe in raising healthy, heritage hogs in a sustainable manner. All of our Red Wattles have access to pasture and a good mud wallow. In other words, they live their lives doing what pigs do: rooting, wallowing, sun bathing and eating. We believe that every animal deserves to be well treated while they are with us.

The Red Wattle is an American heritage breed that was almost lost. Currently there are less than 1700 registered Red Wattles. In order to save the breed we must get Red Wattle pork back on the plate. I know it sounds counter intuitive, but to save the breed we must eat them.

Here at HHH farm we save the best and eat the rest. This improves the breed by keeping the very best genetics in the gene pool. And it puts yummy RW pork on the table.  


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